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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Allinson / Brown - 'AV1' (Resurgence)

Source: A used CD, bought somewhere locally around '98 or '99.

Dave Allinson (who?) and Phill Brown (the producer of the Talk Talk masterpieces) collaborated for this one-off CD, a curiosity for Talk Talk fans as it features Mark Hollis playing piano on one track under the 'John Cope' pseudonym as well as Mark Feltham who played harmonica on and Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock. Do you like ambient music? Cause this is probably best described as such - deep listening music where you gotta crank the stereo to hear the layers, which are delicate and beautiful of course. If you dig Rafael Toral's Wave Field CD then you'll love Track 1 (though this is a great deal whispier than Toral's shoegazer tribute). There's ringing bells, very subtle instrumental gestures, and only at the very end does a drumbeat come in. Unfortnately track 2 takes that beat and builds a track around it, turning it into a "chillout" ambient experience. If you're looking to come down after a long night of raving this might be a good time, but I couldn't wait for it to be over. After all, track 3 is the 'John Cope' piano jam which is credited to just Cope and it's like making breakfast with only one stale piece of bread and some old cheese. It's super duper minimal yet it still feels kinda jazz (pronounced with soft sibilant 'yass' sound).   When you cough up some blodd into a napkin, if you look at it the right way it kinda looks like Paul Bley.  Last track returns to the ethereal emptyness of the first one though who's likely to be awake by this point?

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