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Friday, 24 April 2009

Air Guitar Magazine - 'Bass is the Place' (Enamel)

Source: got from someone in the band, 2005.

Air Guitar Magazine channel the spirit of the mariachi band that hounds you on the patio of a Mexican restaurant for spare change while you're trying to enjoy your enchilada, perhaps crossed with a bit of momentum-driven late 90s white Midwest rock. With two trumpets, electric bass and a speedy rock drummer they bear no resemblance to Spaceheads, Chicago Underground Duo or any of that atmospheric scrawl - it's all about riffs, snare drum, ride cymbal, and jumping up and down. At times it's a contrapuntal slugfest, with thee trumpets magnetically repelling each other, slightly detuned over the frantic rhythms. Other parts are like the car chase scene in The French Connection - long, relentless, and framed by an overpass. When it gets into a groove there's the very slightest tendency to read a Tarot card, but before long a rawk riff slaps the cigarette into your mouth and turns on the track lighting. The compositions are well-crafted, and makes me wonder what happened to these guys.

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