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Monday, 1 April 2013

Dräp En Hund - 'Be Yourself' (Slottet)

There's not much out there (in English) about Dräp En Hund, a band of two 13-year old Swedish girls bashing away on electric bass and a drumset. One of 'em is Mats Gustafsson's daughter (I think) and I'm not sure who the other is or what else they've done, or why I have this. My calendar indicates that both of these girls are about 20 now and are possibly embarassed by this disc, but they have no reason to be. This is surprisingly sophisticated and occasionally quite heavy, with good (by which I mean dirty) production and a fun vibe. It's over in a half-hour, but not before first taking us through songs like the title track, the introspective 'God Damned Destroyed' (with the lyrics "I do wrong/my life is totally destroyed") or the cautionary tale 'Don't Drink'. This is far from novelty music, though I don't think I would be super interested in it were they adults. They sing in English, and sing well - the whole disc feels incredibly influenced by 90's "alternative" rock, though I don't know if it was. I'm not expert on that genre but I imagine Babes in Toyland, L7 and Hole sound not unlike this, at least in terms of vocal delivery. There's a minimalism to this that is commendable; the fuzz pedal and a slight bit of feedback provides just enough that it doesn't feel thin or needy; the occasional odd percussive element pokes out (is that a cowbell in 'Hey Ho Let's Go!'?). I daresay Dräp En Hund stand up against the majority of similar bands with much older members; this completely transcends any novelty value.

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